We have come to a new era for power transformation, whereby new technology of making an efficient transformer is much awaited for. Old method of stacking heavy sheeted steel core must be superseded and replace with new 3-D One Piece Wound Core, aiming for much innovative improvement in savings, performance, and other environmental advantages.

General Summary

Since the late 18 century, scientists had tried numerous theoretical formulation of creating a breakthrough in 3 phases symmetrical delta-shaped transformer core. It was never a success, now we proudly as the pioneer introducing the '3-D phases balanced transformer' using the perfected one-piece silicon steel core. This is an ultimate achievement in urging for scientific progress with the concept of costing down and simplification on the production procedures.

ECOTRAFO manage to produce the transformer in a very cost effective manner and not forgetting the technical improvement and user friendliness of the product. We make product that is easy to install and use nearer to human intensity, thanks to the low noise level and less electromagnetic losses which does not harm the health of all persons living nearby. We named them ECO-FRIENDLY transformer, truly incomparable to the manufacturer of other kind.


Due to the internal winding around the one piece core and with the help of advance insulation materials, this transformer can perform normally under intense heat, moisture and even certain degree of vibrations. Therefore, they are suitable to desert environment, tropical climate and even earthquake active areas. We can provide design, manufacture, install and commissioning of the installation on request.


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