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Lower Losses
The symmetrical delta core has push up the electromagnetic efficiency whereby the iron and copper losses improved. As compare with conventional stacking core, the no-load losses can be reduced up to 30% or more. With this saving of cost expenditure, it will be a huge sum of money in final course.

Magnetic Stray Field
With the one piece silicon steel wound-core design, the magnetic field is ideally centralized in one path and the stray magnetic flux is virtually negligible. Therefore we help to create a better living environment with less radiation interference.

3 Phase Equalibrium
The 3-D Core structure had created a perfect flow path for the magnetic fluxes which are of the same length and volume; therefore 3 phases are equally balance in summary. With a well-balanced output, all loads will consume less current and also more stable in operation. Life span of all electrical equipment connected can be extended naturally..

Lighter In Weight
ECOTRAFO transformer are much lighter as compare with the conventional one, thanks to the overall design and technological breakthrough, we make things practical and easier for all. Our transformer is approximately 10-20% lighter in weight than any other manufacturer compairing with the same specification and capacity.

Noise Losses
The Wound Core technology has greatly reduced the vibration, there is no gap between the lamination because it is continuous one sheet of silicon steel and joints are not required. The annealing process has also help to form the shape of the core permanently and there is no air gap in between layers. Now, we can produce transformer with a bee-hum noise level of less than 45dB.

ECOTRAFO not only has the focus on producing in a high energy efficiency product but also environmental friendly. We help in CO2 and other harmful gasses reduction by having a lower loss comparing to a conventional type of transformer. Our transformer core design also contributed to saving of all materials, which includes silicon steel and copper/aluminium. Hence, it slower the rate of exploration of the natural resources.