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Cast Resin Dry
Type Transformer

The ECOTRAFO Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer is using the 3-D Wound Core technology with the epoxy resin as the insulation. Transformers windings are enveloped with epoxy resin that has great mechanical strength, higher short-circuit withstand capacity and the compressed strength of epoxy resin is much robust. As the whole winding is encapsulated in the solid insulation of epoxy resin, the winding is moisture proof and prevents all possible damage from harmful gas and corrosive chemical composition.

Advantages of Performance
3-Dimensional Wound Core Cast Resin Transformers have the safety features, green properties, higher overload capacity, lower in no-load losses and magnetizing current, lower noise level, better impulse over voltage withstand capability, lightweight and other advantages. Despite the high technology, ECOTRAFO Cast Resin Transformer is also economically affordable.

Scope of Application
This transformer are suitable to use at location of high fire requirement, such as: High-rise buildings, airports, railway stations, subways, hospitals, power plants, mining industries, shopping complexes and other densely populated areas. Our transformers are also used in oil and gas industries, nuclear power plants and nuclear power submarines.